A cooperative

D. & C. MODELLERIA  was founded by former employees of Modelleria Quadrifoglio which went bankrupt in 2010. The employees took over the business and became shareholders of the new cooperative firm D. & C. Modelleria. The workers buyout that occured in 2010 was possible thanks to the italian legislation (n° 223 / 1991). The employees were allowed to invest their proper welfare legal aid in the start-up, and then provided their own severance indemnity to buy the assets, taking the role of entrepreneurs.

D. & C. rely on a strong organizational colture based on solid values. Since the bouyout D. & C has been able to retain workers’ skills and abilities. Based on experience gained over 30 years we design and produce wooden patterns, resin patterns and metal, cast-iron and steel patterns for foundries, now paying a special attention to human resources.

The new company assures our customers of a full cooperaton at all organizational levels in order to satisfy the qualitative needs just in time.